Tuesday, September 8, 2009

PUBLIC SPEAKING PREFACE(prakata)..bet0l ke x..?

~dk nie sebenarnyer tgh berlatih B.I ...klau ada salah silap prounounsation ker k0rang comment la..dgr taip ikut kepala hotak je nie..hohoh..nk test B.I..actually dk xpuas hati sbb lagi cikit dk nk dpt A+ B.I ..tp dk ttp nk improve B.I dk...k0rang comment la yer..TQ~

Do you have sweaty hands?

Is you heart pounding away as if you're about to have a heart attack?

Does your throat feel dry and constricted?

Do you fee dizzy?

Is yout vision a bit fuzzy?

If your answer is "YES" to all these question you may be facing a situation which is common to a lot of people yet unique to you alone.Although the abovesymptoms are not unlike the experience of falling in love for the 1st time ,it is also the common experience of a lot of people who are told that they have to give a speech in front of a group of people.Whether it is a crowd of three or a few thousand ,the symptoms above can be discovered in most people .Not everybody can stand in front of crowd and feels extremly confident while giving a speech.Public Speaking can be a terrifying experience for many people .While there is no sure method that making anyone into an accomplished ,a confident and poised speaker ,this to help in evelating some of the problem people face in public speaking...There are practical tips on how to overcome anxiety ,how to use audio-visual aids and,most important of all ,how to be ready for a big day!!

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